Product Quality

Competitiveness should never be at the expense of product quality.

On our manufacturing side, we shy away from production speed incentives which can result in quality problems and we target our inspection at job start-up rather than job despatch - it's better to prevent poor goods than to try to find them later!

We make regular but prudent capital investment, making use of improved manufacturing techniques but avoiding expensive leaps into 'state of the art' machinery unless value for money is proven. Where we import goods to retain competitiveness, we foster long term supply relationships and do not chase the latest bargain price producers - only then can we guarantee consistent product and packaging.

Manufacturing Tolerances

The polythene film extrusion process involves blowing up a molten bubble of film and then cooling and cutting it to shape. This is a technically difficult process and is affected by external conditions (such as heat and humidity) and by the flexibility and elasticity of the film. Whilst we strive to obtain exact dimensions, a degree of manufacturing tolerance is therefore always required on every product.

Please do not hestitate to contact us to discuss any specific tolerance required on your job.

  • Width Plus or minus 3mm (0.125") or 2%, whichever is greater. If you need a minimum width, please discuss with us.
  • Length Plus or minus 6mm (0.25") or 2%, whichever is greater. Please note that all measurements are cut to cut and will therefore include a bottom skirt of about 8mm on end weld bags (apart from grip seal bags where length is measured from the grip seal to the bottom of the bag).
  • Gauge Plus or minus 10%.
  • Quantity For manufactured goods only, Plus or minus 10%.